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Doula/Birth Coach

Research has demonstrated the benefits of hiring a doula include having better birth outcomes. Expectant mothers are two times less likely to experience a birth complication involving themselves or their baby. In addition, the information and encouragement communicated to a mother from a doula throughout pregnancy has been found to increase the mother’s self-efficacy and ability to impact her own pregnancy and birth outcomes. Source

When continuous labor support was provided by a doula, women experienced:

  • 31% decrease in the use of Pitocin.

  • 28% decrease in the risk of C-section.

  • 12% increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth.

  • 9% decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief.

  • 14% decrease in the risk of newborns being admitted to a special care nursery.

  • 34% decrease in dissatisfaction with the birth experience.

Birth Perceptions Package

  • A complimentary “meet-and-greet” interview

  • Waterproof birth plan with 180 vaginal options and 96 caesarean options

  • Partner support technique: verbal guidance, affirmations and touch

  • 24hr text, call, and video support at 36 week

  • Assistance in advocating for doula attendances at your hospital birth

  • Birth support: Home, hospital, or birthing center

  • 2 prenatal appointments to discuss and prepare for your birth

  • On-call readiness two weeks before and after your estimated due date 

  • Postpartum massage

  • Lactation counseling

  • Continuous support at your birth, including physical and

       emotional support, for mother and birth partner

  • Birthing ball, rebozo, and laboring essentials

  • Access to TENs Unit while in labor

  • Access to Essential Oils and diffuser for aromatherapy while in labor

  • Two hours of immediate postpartum care

  • One postpartum visit during initial weeks postpartum

  • Unlimited phone/email/text support for eight weeks postpartum

Birth Perceptions Package | 

Payment plans available on all packages


More Perceptions

 Everything in 1 plus 2​

  • Placenta encapsulation (100-120 pills, 2 jars of salve, tincture, cord keepsake)

  • Additional 4 hrs of postpartum minimum 2 hrs each session 

 More Perceptions | 


Perceptions Baby Moon

 Perceptions Doula and Postpartum

  • Belly binding (closing of the hips) wrap is yours to keep

  • Vaginal steaming

  • Placenta encapsulation (100-120 pills, 2 jars of salve, cord keepsake)

  • Additional 6 hrs of postpartum minimum 2 hrs each session 

 Baby Moon  | 



 Add- on

  • Belly binding 

  • Vaginal steaming 

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