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I want to help you create your best Birth. Do you know personality type plays a major role in your daily decisions and interactions? Let's explore what each of the types would look like in birth. There are 9 different personality types based on your Birthday or you can take an in-depth test. Your enneagram numbers are based on your actions, feelings and the way you think. When we figure out who you are, we can make the most of your strengths and address your weakness. Let's stop responding to; Can you do it For Me and Do It For You. Your body knows what it is doing. No forceful interventions. Let's Build Your Birth.

Here's an online test to find your enneagram. Free Personality Test & Type Descriptions To Help You Grow | Personality Path

 This will allow you to find your number and then we can discuss and go over your number.

Enneagram ( This is 144 questions comes with results for a fee of 12$ or it's included in your birth plan package. Result descriptions Type Descriptions — The Enneagram Institute


Image by Maria Orlova
Enneagram + Birth | Type 1
Image by Meriç Dağlı
Enneagram + Birth | Type 4
Image by Richard Loader
Enneagram + Birth | Type 7
Image by Annie Spratt
Enneagram + Birth | Type 2
Image by Jacalyn Beales
Enneagram + Birth | Type 5
Image by John Mccann
Enneagram + Birth | Type 8
Image by Julien Chatelain
Enneagram + Birth | Type 3
Image by Visual Stories || Micheile
Enneagram + Birth | Type 6
Image by Tuân Nguyễn Minh
Enneagram + Birth | Type 9
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