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What is a doula? 

A doula is also known as a labor coach, labor assistant, or birth attendant. A doula is a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother before, during, and just after birth. She also provides emotional and practical support during the postpartum period. We are the ones that have the ability to focus solely on you and your partner- offering hip squeezes for hours on end, wiping your brow and holding your hand as you navigate your way through your birth.

How much are doula services?

Birth Perceptions doula services range from $0 to $1,100+. When looking for a doula, we know that cost is an important factor. The average cost of doulas in Dallas-Fort Worth is about $1,000 for mid-level doulas.  A mid-level doula is professional certified and has several births and birthing scenarios under her belt. 

Which hospitals has Birth Perceptions provided serve DFW hospitals: 

  • Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center Fort Worth in Fort Worth, TX

  • Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Frisco in Frisco, TX

  • Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Irving in Irving, TX

  • Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, TX

  • Medical City Arlington in Arlington, TX

  • Medical City Denton in Denton, TX

  • Medical City Las Colinas in Irving, TX

  • Medical City Plano in Plano, TX

  • Methodist Charlton Medical Center in Dallas, TX

  • Methodist Dallas Medical Center in Dallas, TX

  • Methodist Mansfield Medical Center in Mansfield, TX

  • Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, TX

  • Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Cleburne in Cleburne, TX

  • Texas Health Methodist Hospital Fort Worth in Fort Worth, TX

  • Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton in Denton, TX

  • University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX 

We love going to new hospitals. Please tell us where you're planning to have your baby

Which birthing centers can I provide services? 

  • Beautiful Beginnings Birth Center in Fort Worth, TX

  • Bell Births Center in McKinney, TX

  • Family Centered Maternity Care in Garland, TX

  • Fort Worth Birthing and Wellness Center in Fort Worth, TX

  • Gentle Beginnings Birth Center in Hurst TX

  • Lovers Lane Birthing Center in Richardson, TX

  • My Sister's Keeper Midwifery in Hurst, TX

We love going to new birthing centers. Please tell us where you're planning to have your baby


List of DFW Black Providers

Do I need a doula if I'm having a home birth? 

As your doula, I'm able to provide emotional support and perform comfort measures. As much as midwives and nurses would love to be able to offer all the support a laboring woman needs, her responsibility, first and foremost, is the health and safety of the mother and baby.  They have many clinical tasks- heart tones, blood pressure, temperature, etc. to track, and charting to maintain. These are things that MUST be done and must take precedence over counter pressure, wiping your brow, and reminding you to take a sip of water after each contraction.


Sometimes birth takes a long time.  Sometimes, it takes a really long time. They simply cannot offer you unwavering support and be fully rested and alert so that when the life of a sweet new baby is, quite literally, in their hands, they are operating at full strength and at the best of their ability.  We want them at the top of their game; our lives may depend on it. You see, a doula doesn't have such heavy responsibilities.  We, fortunately, are there for your emotional, physical and informational support.  We don't have clinical responsibilities.  We are the ones that have the ability to focus solely on you and your partner- offering hip squeezes for hours on end, wiping your brow and holding your hand as you navigate your way through your birth.

How do you work with my family?

I will work with your family in the way that you desire. I encourage my clients to discuss their birth plan with family members that will attend the birth. We can counsel with the family about supporting the client through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

Do you accept payment plans?

Yes. I accept payment plans for doula service packages.  Deposit and then split the payments in equal parts for the pregnancy with the last payment being around 36 weeks of gestation. For postnatal services in your home, we accept a deposit and then bill weekly for the amount of hours of support. 

What forms of payment to you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, cashier's checks, ACH, money orders and cash. We accept FSA (Flexible Spending Account) credit cards and HSA (Health Savings Account) credit cards. 

Does insurance pay for doulas?

Some insurance companies do reimburse for doula services.  Here is a list of health insurance companies that have reportedly reimbursed for doula services: 

  • Aetna Healthcare

  • AltPro

  • Baylor Health Care System/WEB TPA

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO

  • Cigna

  • Degussa, a German Chemical Company

  • Elmcare, LLC, C/O North American Medical Management

  • Foundation for Medical Care

  • Fortis Insurance

  • Glencare Managed Health, Inc.

  • Great-West Life & Annunity Ins. Co.

  • HNTB (Peoria, IL)

  • Houston New England Financial, Employee Benefits (Fort Scott, KS)

  • Humana Employers Health

  • Lutheran General Physician’s Organization

  • Maritime Life

  • Medical Mutual

  • Oschner HMO, Louisiana

  • Professional Benefits Administrators

  • Prudential Healthcare

  • Qualchoice

  • Summit Management Services, Inc.

  • Travelers

  • United HealthCare of Georgia (San Antonio, TX)

  • United Health POS

  • Wausau Benefits, Inc.

During open enrollment, it is advised that clients choose a 'special pack' or upgraded level of coverage that will cover specialty care like doula support. It's also possible to inquire with your human resources department about upgrading your insurance coverage even outside of open enrollment. You can call your insurance company to see if their is any coverage of doula services. Also, you may want to inquire about any perinatal coverage including childbirth education classes, breastfeeding classes, baby care classes or postnatal support. Sometimes there is perinatal coverage available that is not labeled as 'doula care or support.' Even if your insurance says they don't cover doula care, you can still submit for reimbursement on the grounds that the doula care saved the insurance company money, for example, you were able to achieve a vaginal birth and used less medications and medical interventions, thus saving the insurance company money. If the insurance company denies, you can appeal the decision, usually up to 180 days, three times depending on the company. 

Does Medicaid pay for doulas?

Texas Medicaid does not cover doula fees. Birth Perceptions offers a discount for clients who qualify for Medicaid. Medicaid funding is federal money that is given to each state. Birth Perceptions does not want you to feel like you cannot have any doula support just because Texas Medicaid won't pay for the services.
Lets discuss your options and what your vision entails.

​The state of Texas needs to hear from you. Let your local representative know that you want Texas Medicaid to cover doula services. Or, write the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Medicaid/CHIP Health Plan Management to voice your concerns and explain to them the need of Texans to have more access to doula services to Stephanie Muth, Deputy Executive Commissioner overseeing Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program. 

Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Medicaid/CHIP Health Plan Management
Mail Code H-320
P.O. Box 85200
4900 N. Lamar
Austin, Texas 78708-5200

When should I start working with a doula?

We recommend that you get started with doula care as soon as you know you're pregnant. This gives you an opportunity to get to know your doula, make payments for your doula services and have a dedicated professional support person every step of the way. We have had clients hires us from 6 weeks of pregnancy til 38.5 weeks of pregnancy. The number one reason why we see clients not deciding on hiring a doula is because they are "waiting to get everything in place." They are waiting until they find the perfect care provider and organizing various things. However, it is our job as doulas to help you find the best provider, help you maximize your insurance benefits, and organize various tasks to prepare for labor. We like to provide you with the cliff notes of the pregnancy and birthing experience. Our mission is to support you with concierge, VIP services during your pregnancy and help affirm healthy choices and information throughout. We can fast track you at the last minute, yet, we encourage you to hire us to be your VIP support team as soon as you can. 

Is it too late for me to starting working with a doula?

No. It's not too late to start working with a doula. We can get started as late as early labor. Even if you did not have doula support during your pregnancy and birth, you can still hire a doula to support you during the postnatal "fourth trimester," early parenting and breastfeeding.

How can you help me if I'm having a planned c-section?

A doula can be a significant support to you during your planned c-section. Having a doula by your side during your planned c-section can add a layer of comfort and stability to your birth day.  While you have no clue what nurse will be on staff on the day of your scheduled c-section, or even if your doctor will be on call, your doula will be a consistent and predictable member of your birth team that will be by your side. Your doula can work to help you process through your emotions, thoughts and concerns regarding your cesarean delivery. Your doula will not be like other hospital staff with multiple patients and  priorities. You will be her sole focus. She will be focused on your comfort, your partner's comfort and helping to make the delivery experience as rewarding as possible. Your doula can advocate for your comfort while you are at the hospital. She can assist you with early breastfeeding and skin-to-skin with you little one. ​

What are the benefits of having doula support if I'm getting an epidural?

Your doula can help you have a successful vaginal birth with an epidural. We can help you create a strategy to achieve your vaginal birth. You will be the sole focus of the doula who will advocate for your comfort. She can help you get into positions to facilitate a vaginal birth.

Do I need a doula if I have a Ob or midwife?

An obstetrician is not present with a woman for the majority of her labor. Obs are around usually for interventions or to deliver the baby. Continuous support from a doula is important because studies show that women with continuous support have fewer interventions and healthier birth outcomes. 

The doula does not replace the Ob or midwife. She does not provide any medical services. The doula is there to focus on a woman’s emotional well-being and physical comfort. 

The doula is a key addition to a woman’s birth team. She joins the family, medical staff, and friends in helping the pregnant woman have a great birthing experience. The doula helps the woman maximize the benefit from her Ob and other medical staff because she equips her with informed questions to ask, and guidance and encouragement to communicate more effectively with her healthcare provider. 

What can a doula do for me?
A doula is for a woman who wants help, information, and guidance in having a healthy birth experience. A doula is for a woman who could benefit from and is open to receiving love, attention, and emotional and physical support. Women who want a natural childbirth are excellent candidates for doulas, although women preferring interventions can benefit from doula support as well.

Does the doula displace my partner/father of the child?

Dads/partners may be on the fence about hiring a doula to help his family. He may not know what a doula is. He may be unsure about how a doula can help. The doula includes the dad/partner in supporting the mom. When a family hires a doula, mom can have continuous support because doula and dad/partner can tag team. Labor can last for hours. Dad/partner will need to use restroom facilities, eat, stretch, and maybe even nap/rest. Having a doula there for continuous support will allow mom peace of mind. 

“When I first heard about doulas, I thought of them as birth interlopers. Now I don’t know how anyone could manage to give birth without one. Our doula really helped bring me together with my wife as she gave birth. My wife remembers my constant support and never-failing love or knowledge. She remembers the doula as a nice person who did some stuff in the background. We won’t give birth without a doula.” – K.H. Wiess 

Can I afford a doula?

Many mothers and families wonder if they can afford a doula. The best way to find out is to call or e-mail a doula that you have in mind to inquire about her prices. The earlier a mother contracts with a doula in her pregnancy, the longer she will have to make payments to her doula. Even if she finds her doula later in her pregnancy, payment arrangements can still be made. There is no price tag that one can place on a happy and healthy birth experience. A doula is affordable in the long run.

Thanks for your interest in working with us. We would be delighted to provide you with superb care. Please book a complimentary consultation to get the ball rolling.


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