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4th Trimester

Benefits of Postpartum Doula Support


  • Research has been show that having an effective doula can reduce the incidence of postpartum mood disorders by up to 50%

  • Effective breastfeeding support increases breastfeeding rates.

  • Helps you gain confidence and increases self-esteem and empowers you.

  • Companionship, someone to talk to, who gives non-judgmental support.

  • Helps you achieve your parenting goals.

  • Enhance your ability to nurture your family and helps you to find the ways of parenting that work best for you.

  • Enables you to have more time getting to know and bonding with your newborn and gives you time to spend enjoying your other children.

  • Doulas provide evidence-based information and support.

Postpartum Support

Included but not limited to:

  • Supports you with breastfeeding

  • Makes sure you are getting plenty to eat and drink

  • Allows you to rest when baby is resting or shower

  • Helps you to care for your postpartum body

  • Supports you emotionally

  • Listens to the story of the birth

  • Validates the normal adjustment process

  • Supports partner / helper through transition to new role

  • Supports siblings in their new roles

  • Supports you in your feeding choices

  • Solutions to any breastfeeding challenges in the first weeks

  • Gives information on newborn care

  • Aids parents in developing their own styles of nurturing and bonding with the baby

  • Nurturing, soothing and coping techniques.

  • Pumping information and guidance

  • Proper storage and handling of breast milk

  • May Prepare some meals and snacks for the new mother and family

  • May Run errands: shops for food, supplies, etc.

  • May do baby laundry, dishes and other light cleaning

  • Help looking after other children

  • Adult and Infant CPR certified 

How many hours per week will I need?

Flat-rate:  $30/hour (minimum 10 hours). I suggest:
Week 1 – 5 days, 4 hours per day
Week 2 – 3 days, 4 hours per visit
Weeks 3-12 – 2 days, 4 hours per visit

Welcome Home 

I love helping new families get adjusted at home. 

An initial service package for $500 can be used one of the two ways:

14.5 Daytime Hours (2hr min must be used within 60 days of first meet) 


1 Overnight + 6 Daytime Hours (anytime before 7pm)

Overnight Support 

  • Overnight Baby Care

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • Laundry 

  • Dishes

  • Next Day Preparations

Night Support | Eight-Hour Overnight Rate: $280

Starting at 7pm or later

Additional Hourly Night Rate: $25

Postpartum Contract

  • Continuous mom and baby care 

meal prep, errands, appointments, shopping

Daytime Support | 6-week contract

3x per week | 5hr shifts Rate: $420 week

2x per week | 5hr shift Rate: $300

Additional Hourly Night Rate: $25

2 Week Recovery

$580 (5 days/night | 5hrs) first week paid by 37 weeks

Baby Sitting Service 

In- home care up to 3 children. Infant to elementary age

4hr | $60

Additional Hourly Rate: $20

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