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Cynarra your Birth Perceptions Doula


Birth Perceptions is empowering women around the world to have their best birth. To improve the physiological, social, emotional and psychological health of women, newborns and families in birth and it the postpartum period.

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Student midwife supporting birthing client, watching baby descend and checking fetal heart tones


In role as a student midwife taking fetal heart tones 
Photographer:Alex Marie Photography
Location: Origins Birth Dallas
Student Midwife: Cynarra 


Why I'm A Doula

I believe the purpose of birth work starts with passion and empathy. Just like the Biblical Midwives Shifrah and Puah that started a chain of events when they saved baby Moses, I too want to follow in their footsteps. I am passionate about birth and I want to create a space of inclusion for all races, religions, gender pronouns and sexual orientations to ensure that birthing persons have a healthy, safe, and complete nurturing experience; pre-labor, labor, delivery and postpartum. My goal is to understand each unique story - including your birth vision, hope, dreams, expectations and fears. I want to encourage you and show you that you have control over your body. You can give birth with dignity and respect. Im here to guide you through the birth process and support families looking for alternatives to birthing, and I am passionate about being that option for you.


Women’s perceptions about birth are influential. Lets create Your Birth Perceptions!

Sincerly Yours,

Cynarra Pittman Doula/Student Midwife


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