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Placenta Encapsulation


Discover the incredible healing powers of your placenta. Pamper and protect you and your baby with the amazing nourishing benefits of your placenta. Birth Perceptions capsules, creams and balms are all products uniquely made for you, with personalized healing, nourishing and nurturing properties. We combine the rejuvenating power of your placenta with natural, organic ingredients to make products for mother and baby alike. All are handmade and are safe to use from new born.

Placenta Power
Everything You Grew Inside You

Let your placenta pamper and protect you and your baby just as you deserve.

The Placenta Kit allows it to be collected and stored. Using the kit also drastically reduces the unfortunate instances of lost placentas within hospitals. It is designed to be kept with clients at all times, to ensure accountability for its whereabouts is not transferred to busy hospital staff.

It's worth noting most hospitals are not able to look after placentas. Those that do use specimens fridges, where your placenta may be placed next to specimens waiting to go to pathology or for testing. Hospital staff who try to help may store the placenta in any available fridge, which may mean the placenta is moved from your ward to an entirely different ward in the hospital. All our kits are single use only. This ensures we maintain the very highest of hygiene standards.


Placenta Capsules – also known as "dried" or "raw" capsules – are believed to be packed full of nutrients, vitamins and hormones. 

Placenta capsules


  •     100-120 capsules

  •     2 jars of placenta salve(lotion)

  •     Dosing instructions

  •     Transportation kit

  •     Product return


Placenta Tincture

Tinctures are very potent remedy because of its healing properties, versatility and ease of use. Making a Placenta Tincture increases the longevity of your placenta so you feel the benefits for longer.

Placenta Cream for Mother

Placenta Cream for Mother is a cream uniquely made for you, with personalized healing properties, a fabulous face cream to revive tired eyes and reduce wrinkles. It is rich in nutrients and beautifully soothing and moisturizing. Luxuriously buttery and hydrating, it combines the pure natural benefits of our organic ingredients with the healing, therapeutic and restorative qualities of the placenta.

Placenta Print

Placenta Truffles 

Placenta Hair/Beard Oil



Combats stress and unlocks energy stores. Promotes healing and reduces inflammation and swelling.


Corticotropin (CRH)

Increasing your CRH will help prevent postnatal depression after birth.


Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone

Help developing mammary glands in preparation for lactation and stabilizes post-birth uterine cramping.


Placental Opioid-Enhancing Factor (POEF)

Stimulates the production of your body’s natural opioids, including endorphins, reduces pain, increases well-being.



Promotes and increases lactation.



Anti-inflammatory and helps uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size.


Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

Regulates the thyroid gland. Increases energy and helps with recovery from stressful events.



Inhibiting Factor and Factor XIII Stops bleeding and enhances wound healing.


 Vitamin B6

Protects immune system. Positive effects on metabolism, hormone control, emotional disorders and skin conditions.



Stimulates the immune system to protect and fight against infections.



For pain and bonding; produced during breastfeeding to facilitate bonding of mother and infant.



The precursor to estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.



Replenishes iron deficiency and anemia, a common postpartum condition.


 Vitamin E

rotects skin cells from damage, acting as a natural anti-aging nutrient within your body.


Human Placental Lactogen (HPL)

The precursor to estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.



Antibodies that help the immune system.



Increases energy and decreases fatigue and depression. Restocks maternal iron stores to combat anemia.

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