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Have you ever wondered how your personality type might affect the way that you birth?

I want to help you create your best Birth. Do you know personality type plays a major role in your daily decisions and interactions? Let's explore what each of the types would look like in birth. Wouldn't you like to know how your personality type and even your birth order plays a role in your birth plan. There are 9 different personality types based on your Birthday or you can take a in-depth test. These numbers are based on your actions, feelings and the way you think. When we figure out who you, are we can make the most of your strengths and address your weakness. This is Your Birth. You want to squat while giving birth, you don't want to be induced, who wants to push while wearing a mask. Let's stop responding to; Can you do it For Me and Do It For You. Your body knows what it is doing. No forceful interventions. Let's Build Your Birth.

Here's an online test to find your enneagram. The Enneagram Personality Test ( This will allow you to find your number and then we can discuss and go over your number.

Enneagram ( This is 144 questions comes with results for a fee of 12$ or it's included in your birth plan package.


Type 1- The Perfectionist

Maybe the title gives it all away, but these types of people really aren’t used to failing or messing things up. You really just want to be good. Good at life, at your job, at having a baby.

Type 1’s love a good plan, and this might be why everyone in the birth support team gets a copy of the birth plan!

When it comes time to work through the waves of contractions, you might think you can work  through it all on your own, “Because no one can do it as well as you!” But we would like  you to know ASKING FOR HELP ISN’T FAILING!

Birth is a new territory, and there is no one way to do it perfectly.

Type 2-  The Helper

The name says it all. You were born to nurture and care for others. You just cannot help yourself.  As a Helper, you might even arrive with special thank you gifts for all the nurses that support you through labor and delivery.

Type 2’s are so used to supporting others… when labor happens it can be difficult for them to show that they need that help too! 

Listen to us when we say that you, Helpers, deserve just as much support as you give out to others. 

So let your Doula squeeze those hips for 3 hours straight and  get that ice water for you. Let your partner massage your shoulders and encourage you. 

We promise you that you will not regret receiving as much nurturing in your birth, as you give others in everyday life.

Type 3- The Achiever 

What can’t you do, Type 3??? 

You likely have considered the different ways you can give birth. The Achiever can see themselves trying birth without any interventions. Your goals are big because the bigger the goal, the bigger the success……

What if we told you that your confidence is a beautiful tool in birth? You find decision making to be an easier thing to do. 

It’s so important for you to know that it’s more than okay to take some of the pressure off of yourself to be a “success” at birth. You are not more or less valuable for how your birth  turns out.

Type 4-The Individualist

How can someone as bohemian in spirit as you make birth and pregnancy more unique?

Well, if you’re a Type 4 you most certainly will find a way… you just have that way about you.

Over the course of your pregnancy, you create mix “tapes” to play in your birth space, and pick the most perfect affirmation cards to use for focusing through the waves of discomfort.

Your gratitude and connection with others is deep, and everyone is softened by your approach to birth, because it’s just so darn beautiful.

As beautiful as birth is, we know that there is uncertainty and surprise. When these things happen take that time to breathe out the worry and make one decision at a time. 

No one is giving you an award for the most perfect performance. In fact, they see you for what you’re able to navigate with such optimism. It’s okay that you want to create a specific mood and ambiance for you birth. Own your feelings if these things are important to you.

Type 5-The Investigator

The name is as literal as it sounds, Type 5.

We know how much planning and researching you’ve done surrounding what labor and delivery will look like. Your desire to understand the environment around you is evident, because of your inclination  to avoid imminent danger. 

Type 5,  you want to know why that machine is beeping the way it is and why you have to monitor the baby every 30 minutes. Investigators have a strong desire to know all of the answers.

But we want you to know that your desire to know the answers in many ways will help you prepare for birth. Information is powerful for you!

We love how you don’t feel the need to seek other people's approval when it comes to your birth. During your birth, we do want you to come out of that head space for air every few contractions and allow others to help you work through the tough stuff. You are capable and confident, but your gut is the most powerful tool you have.


Type 6- The Loyalist

You’re the type of person who loves to know that they’ll be supported and that you’ll feel secure along the way.

Loyalists are the kind of people you can be friends with for decades! They are just that loyal.

So you can imagine how birth might be for the Loyalist type. 

You are hopeful for steadiness throughout labor, and hold onto the notion that your support people, like your Doula, will know what to do when your anxiety kicks in.

You are a courageous person, and birth is just the place for your courage to show its face. Know that you can trust yourself, because you know yourself best and that within you is a softness that can help with some of the mental blocks in labor.

Type 7- The Enthusiast

My goodness, do you love life. Birth is an adventure that you cannot wait to attempt!

Your love for life and all things exciting and new  is part of your desire to get all of your needs fulfilled. 

Freedom of choice is a big deal for you. You want to know that you’ll be able  to walk the halls and try the birthing tub when you’re in labor. Knowing that you have options when it comes to pushing even feels like a challenge that you’re willing to accept. 

“Can I push on hands and knees? What about a squat bar? Do I have to lay on my back?” 

You certainly like to have your ideas heard and make lists for the people who may be supporting you in birth. This is because all of the options bring a high level of enthusiasm!

But what happens to a Type 7 when their birth wishes list is 10 miles long? Well, you might have a hard deciding which  thing should be done or chosen.

We want Type 7’s to know that they cannot avoid pain by simply adding on more and more options. 

Your actual superpower is embracing something that is unexpected with ease, no one does that as well as you, Type 7.

Type 8-The Challenger 

Strong. Confident. Self-aware. Honest.

These are the words that describe you. They are powerful, and so are you!

In a birthing space, the Challenger may seem a bit intense, but it’s important to be aware that they are this way because they are protecting themselves.

From pain. From vulnerability. From the unexpected.

You have this brilliant balance of fears and desires for your birth: You want to be in charge, and you want to be seen as able to do something as hard as birth.

We want you to know the more you lean into a harder outer presence, the more likely you are to shut down emotionally. 

Emotions in labor are incredibly important, and it’s okay, Challenger, to soften and let people know where you are struggling. When you’re able to do this, you let others help you do hard things.

Type 9-The Peacemaker

Peacemakers are so trusting, and typically can go with the flow because of their ability to see all the sides to a situation. 

The labor and delivery room are spaces where you want peaceful energy without tension.

Which can be a somewhat tall order, but still feasible. 

Type 9’s might even find themselves daydreaming about other peoples birth experiences in hopes that they can have one just like theirs. In a weird way, you find a space of peace as a way to avoid what you might really be feeling, because “What if what I actually feel doesn’t really feel that good? Can I be someone else?”

You might find moments in birth where you ask your support crew where they live, and what their life is like. If you find yourself doing this, do yourself a big favor and check back in with yourself. Reminding yourself that you are there for you, and you are there for your baby’s arrival can be a good way to stay focused on the task at hand.

Peacemaker, you might not like this process. Please tell someone if you don’t like it, no one will think less of you for being honest. Saying that you’re not enjoying the experience doesn’t negate the fact that you’re excited  to be a parent and meet your baby. That’s where the real peace is. 


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